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ThoughtLab Grant Program: Hugo Coffee Roasters Launches Partner Program

New! Hugo Coffee Roasters' Partner Program

by Gary Marcoccia June 11, 2020

Affiliate Marketing for Hugo Coffee

Hugo Coffee Roasters Logo

Last month we announced our marketing grant winners. Hugo Coffee was offered one of the four awards. Here is an update on what's happening with them.

Hugo (read his story here) has a mission to save fellow canines by selling fair trade coffee direct to consumers at Hugo.Coffee. It's a no brainer, even for a dog. 10% of every purchase goes to animal rescues, including Best Friends Animal Society, Nuzzles & Co., and Paws for Life.

Buy fair trade Hugo Coffee to get your angry caffeine fix, while donating to pet rescues at the same time!

With our help, Hugo Coffee has launched a full service affiliate program on Impact, a partnership automation platform for performance marketing that gives them access to thousands of prospective partners. Here is the best part: Hugo does not pay for the marketing until *after* the sale happens. The sale confirmation page in the cart triggers the action that tracks the referral. When that occurs, the referring partner gets 8% of the sale amount (and Hugo will pay 15% if sales exceed $1000/month).

Hugo.Coffee Pup Mug

Leveraging an exclusive integration license through a partner agency, we were able to get Hugo set-up on Impact at no cost ($1500 value), with a discounted/transaction fee built in. This was a unique opportunity and Hugo jumped on it quickly, turning over the program set-up and launch in record time!

To qualify for the program you must set-up an account at Impact, and love dogs. That's really all there is to it. The program is designed for any partnership type, including bloggers, social influencers, and even dog groomers or trainers with in-person clients (Hugo can assign 10% off codes to share with anyone, online or offline, that will track and credit a referral).

Hugo Coffee Partner Program terms include:

  • 8% commission baseline, up to 15%
  • Unlimited cookie life
  • Promo code tracking available (no affiliate link click required)
  • Product samples available (select bloggers & social influencers)
  • Team & customer service that's ON A MISSION to #savedogs

Multi-task. SIGN-UP now to 1) promote fair trade coffee, 2) earn a commission, and 3) generate a donation to animal rescues...all as part of the same process.

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