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Observing Indigenous People's Day | ThoughtLab

Observing Indigenous People's Day

by Paul Kiernan October 12, 2020
Inside the Lab


In 1992, the city council in Berkeley, California, declared October 12 a “Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People” and symbolically named Columbus day Indigenous People’s Day. It is a day to celebrate and honor the Native American peoples. To examine their history and what they have brought to the culture of this country.


This has been a testy sort of detent within our country. The recognition of what the Native Americans have suffered and lost, as well as what we have gained in our often turbulent association with these original inhabitants, has been an emotional journey. We can not undo what has been done. We cannot and should not erase those parts of our nation’s history that may cause us to feel shame for our actions. One way toward making sure we become better as a nation is to recognize, celebrate, and honor these incredible people and what they have done to shape this nation.

On this day, we here at ThoughtLab want to acknowledge and honor the incredible contributions of Native Americans to our lives in so many ways including art, poetry, music, dance, and culture. Diversity is what makes us better, being open to other views and ideas widens our scope of understanding. Accepting, acknowledging, and learning from diverse cultures does not divide us, it shows us how much we are alike and serves to bring us closer together in celebration of all things human. To find out more about the day and how you can celebrate visit Explore, understand, and celebrate the people and culture of the original inhabitants of this great nation.

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