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Satellite Timelapse of The Great Salt Lake, and Other Parts of Utah

by Brandon Wright December 5, 2016
Inside the Lab

Technology is amazing! Of course we all know this, but I still never cease to be impressed by its constant improvement. Late last week Google updated their Earth Engine and the Internet collectively bent over to pick their jaws off the floor. If you’re unfamiliar Earth Engine it is the combination of 5 million satellite images over the course of 32 years creating a complete, cloud free mosaic of the earth for every year since 1984. Those images are then set to a time-lapse feature showing you exactly how much the terrain has changed in recent history. We felt it appropriate to point Earth Engine at Salt Lake City, and the rest of Utah to see just how much growth, have happened to our home state over the last few decades.

The Great Salt Lake is Shrinking

If you live in Salt Lake City, or another part of Utah there are no surprises here. Still, this is a pretty shocking perspective.


Silicon Slopes Gets a Facelift

Apparently Adobe isn't the only new face to come to town.


Kennecott’s Bingham Mine, Herriman, and Daybreak Take Hold


Beaver, Utah Gets a New Sandwich Shop

And not much else changes...



We highly encourage everyone to point The Earth Engine at their own towns. Likewise I’d highly recommend taking a look at a few of their pre-picked destinations like The Dubai Coast, Stumpy Point, and home to our newest office, San Francisco.

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