Senior iOS Developer

Job Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

ThoughtLab is a small, dedicated agency that prioritizes the ability for our employees to excel in a fun, collaborative environment. We’re a development company focused on building award-winning web, mobile and desktop applications for exciting clients ranging from start-ups to fortune 500s. Our team of savvy digital blackbelts is comprised of hard core developers, designers and project managers who work in harmony to create beautiful, scalable applications.

We’re in need of developers that don’t mind facing challenges head on, taking initiative, and come with a code of chivalry that drives them to storm the castle and rescue the fair maiden without hesitation, collecting fat loot along the way. Or drop the maiden so you can carry more loot—we don’t judge.

We’re looking for an experienced iOS developer. You will be responsible for assembling the interface designed, implementing the core logic, solving animation problems and above of all maintaining the "Apple look and feel" of each app.

We want people who are proud of their code, people who stand triumphantly over a finished project, beat their chest, and call out a battle cry of, “Oh, this? Yeah, I made that.”

What it takes to be a Thoughtlab iOS Developer:

  • 4+ years minimum professional experience in developing iOS Apps
  • Success shipping at least 6 applications to the iOS App Store (please provide links to the apps)
  • Experience integrating iOS Apps with APIs and other web services via REST
  • Development experience in Objective-C and SWIFT
  • Deep knowledge of the most used frameworks, like UIKit, Foundation, MapKit, Social, CoreGraphics, CoreData…
  • Strong understanding of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines for iOS
  • Experience in using the principal iOS Design Patterns
  • Understanding of certificates, encryption, publishing and other security based concepts
  • Experience collaborating with designers on vision execution
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field

If you are among the best at what you do we invite you to come work with us in our creative environment where we don’t allow cubicles or exceptionally long meetings.