Senior Copywriter - GA

Job Location: Atlanta, Georgia

ThoughtLab is an independent, boutique agency that prioritizes the ability for our people to create engaging experiences in a fun, fast-paced environment. We build iconic brands, innovative GUIs and award-winning web, desktop and mobile applications for exciting clients ranging from innovative start-ups to fortune 500s. We’re not afraid to challenge ourselves and always strive to reach beyond the ordinary.

You are a loner... a rebel. You stare into the sunlight and ask "Why Me?" Deep down inside you know why but are afraid of what you may find if you start digging. You don't want to let the monster surface again but you can feel it clawing for air, clawing for a voice. Then, suddenly it happens. You submit, the monster gets a taste of the air and now longs to give a voice to anything and everything. So much for being a loner! Now you can't help but communicate, much to the chagrin of the world that reads your words. Well, we have a place for you. A place where we want you to put words to everything. 

As a copywriter at ThoughtLab you will bring humor, strategy and precise messaging to communicate the essence of brands, tell the stories that simplify the complex, make people laugh, cry and feel drawn to engage. You are quick with concepts of your own but happy to take any concept and push it further... to surprise and delight as you push the boundaries. You will collaborate with creative directors, designers and strategists to develop concepts, give them words and then execute those concepts through your silver-tongued ways.

What It Takes to Be a ThoughtLab Copywriter:

  • 4 Years Copywriting in an Agency Environment
  • Experience working with brands to articulate messaging
  • Samples showing your ability to adapt your voice to every situation - to be serious, funny, silly, clever or witty - whatever is right for the situation
  • Experience in storytelling, blogging, social media, pr with both creative concepts and boring subjects
  • An eye for correct spelling and grammar

If you are among the best at what you do and want to work with a team that can elevate you further we invite you to come work with us in our creative environment where we’ve kicked cubicles to the curb and abolished long, boring company meetings. Additional perks include paid vacation and insurance benefits.

Applications without a portfolio/samples will not be considered.

Our Atlanta-Perimeter location also offers unlimited snacks, coffee and other beverages. There is also an onsite gym and countless other industry and social events at our office. 

We're not afraid to challenge ourselves creatively and always strive to reach beyond the ordinary.

In this role, you are helping to grow our newest office location and lay the foundation for future ThoughtLab employees in Atlanta.