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Magical, Essential, Attainable

We knew that when the essential magic inside the bottles was matched with the grace and simplicity of the outside of the bottles, the power of Kim Sevy’s ALKIMme line would be fully appreciated.


Kim Sevy’s ALKIMme is a successful line of skin saviors with great cred. She presented it to some pretty high-end clients, they used it, and they loved it. Molly Ringwald (Sixteen Candles, sigh), mentions Kim’s products in The New York Times. Much like the city that never sleeps, Kim’s business didn’t rest, it grew so fast, it left her packaging in the past. So, what to do?

Kim saw Thoughtlab on Google, and she thought of package design. And why not, we can do that.

First off, what’s in the bottles is great. What was was on the outside offered us room to create. Stepping off from her idea of using actual alchemy symbols, we updated, refined and clarified, making it look as modern and luxurious on the outside as it is on the inside. By staying true to her original idea for her brand logo, this brand refresh was more of an evolutionary process rather than a complete redo.

Meticulous attention to paper choice, color, and layout invigorated the packaging, moving it into the realm of eye-catching as well as functionally superior. Matt sticky paper meant no more bottles flying out of your hands during the daily beauty ritual. Add to that concise display qualities in the uniform, 30 mil bottles, where the name, ingredients, and logo can all be seen and read with ease.

Simply put, we took the packaging from good to, wow, I didn’t even know that was possible, where it belongs.

Kim’s sales exploded, she came back, we were ready to go with more. That’s scalable branding, ready for growth, in action.

Was Kim happy? We’ll let her speak to that;

“My brand on the outside finally matches the magic on the inside.”
- Kim Sevy

We couldn’t agree more.

Kim has a website, a store in NYC and a strong presence in some pretty snazzy hotels. Little bottles of luxury. Oh, that sounds nice.


Using ancient alchemist symbols for inspiration we successfully married ancient and modern design styles on silk finished packaging. The results? Label and package design that not only looks good, but feels good to hold.


Branding, Print Design, Label Design


"My brand on the outside finally matches the magic on the inside"

- Kim Sevy, Owner