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Bringing Transparency to Therapy

The Mental Health Industry doesn't have a great deal of transparency, and All Kinds of Therapy is seeking to change that.


Addiction, depression, loss - dealing with these subjects as a teen or young adult can feel mystifying, frightening, and hopeless. All Kinds of Therapy wanted to shake up the landscape by offering a very unique, personal, and intimate service that, at its core, is built on optimism, empathy, and transparency. We were very proud to help them promote their services and share their message as we streamlined, refreshed, and clarified their brand and website.

Updating the color palette and typeface allowed All Kinds of Therapy's message to come through more clearly - that it's a safe place where understanding and best care resides. Using a softer, more cartoonish feel, mixed with corporate elements, created a sense of familiarity for kids - without losing important empathy and truth, while highlighting the vast spectrum of their programs. 


Matching people with programs that are right for them in terms of price, location and therapeutic needs, All Kinds of Therapy was improved by having its voice clarified, search system simplified, and the hierarchy of information organized. We achieved this so they could get users to the right kind of treatment easily, while making it feel as friendly as possible.


User Experience, Brand Identity, Logo Creation, Web Design, Custom Web Development


  • Bronze - Horizon Interactive - Human Services
  • Honorable Mention - Hermes - Business to Consumer Website


"What you're going through is difficult, finding help should be easy."