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iOS App Development Set to Liquefy The Competition

A recipe app, paired with a bluetooth scale & blender, ready to serve in 3 months.


You want a perfect almond berry smoothie, and you want to know the calorie count so you can keep to your diet. We get it, Blendtec gets it, and together we made it happen. Combining the last blender you’ll ever own quality with wow, I didn't know you could do that, app development craziness, we were able to create an app that worked perfectly for Blendtec. A recipe finder, ingredient list, nutritional information, working in sync with the perfect blender and scale, all on your smartphone. You want that perfect smoothie for a post-workout recovery or how about some almond butter for the morning short stack. We created the perfect app for Blendtec to dazzle the industry’s premier tradeshow crowd. Creative, groundbreaking, on time, under budget - that’s a blend we can get behind.


We created the app to combine with Blendtec's blender and scale, making recipes easier to find and follow all conveniently located on your smartphone. Healthy and handy, a perfect blend.


UX Design, Mobile App Design, iOS Development


UX Design

Simple and informative. Recipes, times, blender settings, weights and measures all at the fingertips. Find the recipe of the week or your favorite after work pick me up. Calorie counts and prep times all clearly listed to take out the guesswork and get that smoothie into your face with seamless precision.

UI Design

This app was designed to work hand in hand with the last blender you’ll ever own. Recipes and information available in an easy to navigate, simple to follow form. The connection between blender, scale and app is seamless and simple to use. We created it that way because who wants to be searching all over creation for information when you just want an Agua Fresca de Sandia, right?