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Blendtec logo on paper


Blendtec is a highly successful company with some truly unique marketing strategies, like the 'Will It Blend' videos hosted by CEO Tom Dickson on YouTube. Although they are well known with a loyal consumer base, the problem was that Amazon was appearing before them in the search results for their own product search terms. This isn’t unusual. It’s quite common for Google to favor Amazon with its high domain and page authority. 

There are an ever increasing number of elements that go into ranking on the SERPs: content, links, citations, social, the list keeps on growing and is looking even more challenging in 2017. With so many attributes relating to search, it’s easy to overlook some of the more technical elements that play a vital part in the ranking algorithm recipe.

Some of the technical SEO best practices that we addressed to help achieve such positive results include: URL crafting, keyword relevancy, link building, microdata and schema markups, redirects, and site map changes just to name a few.  

Within 3 months, ThoughtLab had Blendtec rankings as the #1 result for their branded terms and by 6 months, organic traffic was up 74%. Maybe you own an ecommerce site and it’s happening to you. If so, we can help and we have the data to prove it.

Organic Traffic Increase