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Conveying The Future With Web Design

The people need to be heard, and we helped give them voice. Within only 5 weeks - we designed, developed, and launched Envision Utah's web app to the world. 


By the year 2050 the population of Utah will go from 3 million residents to over 5.4 million. That kind of growth brings massive changes and headaches. Governor Herbert thought it best to plan ahead, prepare for the changes and hopefully, have some control over them. Herbert engaged Envision Utah, tasking them with gathering information about 11 topics critical to Utah’s future. Then, with public input, create a blueprint for how legislature and municipal government would deal with the growth in the state’s population.

Envision Utah turned to Thoughtlab.

Working under an impossibly tight deadline of five weeks, huge amounts of data was crunched then presented in a scientific, yet easily understandable, manner. This material was then used to Inform people and send them to the vote screen more fully and efficiently prepared. This was the main goal, add to that a fostering of freedom and deep interaction so the user felt this truth; their opinion had weight, meaning and value. Best part ... it worked and, it worked well.

A major undertaking, it turned out to be the largest polling campaign in state’s history. Ari Bruening, Envision’s COO stated that it was ... “By far the largest response to this kind of effort anywhere in the country.” He wasn’t just whistling Dixie, about 53,000 people took the survey, creating meaningful conversation not only about what the public wanted, but why it was important to them as well.

For our work, sure, we were proud to have recieved seven different awards. More satisfying though? The fact that we were a major component in helping people realize that everyone can be a part of Utah’s future.


User Experience Design, Web Design, Web Development, Illustration


  • Platinum - Marcom Awards - Best Annual Report
  • Silver - Horizon Interactive - Web design
  • Gold - Horizon Interactive - Web Design Non Profit
  • Best In Category - Mobile Web Awards - Mobile Web Design
  • Gold - Hermes Interactive - Non Profit Web Design
  • Gold - The Communicator Awards - UX Design
  • Gold - The Communicator Awards - Non Profit Web Design


“By far the largest response to this kind of effort anywhere in the country.”

- Ari Bruening COO Envision Utah

To wrap this project up we created 55 infographics portraying the vast comparisons of data to make it more digestible to users. There wasn’t a lot of sleep going on at this point in the project.

Pie chart infographic
Infographic breaking down budget allocation
Infographic displaying percentage of energy source
Infographic illustrating amount of acres