Bringing Character
To Payments

Just as ThoughtLab was completing a recurring payment processing app for gijig on the Salesforce app exchange gijig made a last minute decision to launch at Dreamforce, the largest Salesforce event boasting 120,000 attendees. ThoughtLab had 2 months to create a comprehensive brand and event strategy.

Our strategy included a 4' x 8' 3-D poster looking under the hood of the app and into the city of the automated functions of the gijig-ibot city, 3-D glasses, fold-out brochure, build-your-own gijigibot character, t-shirts, video and basic websites. The end result... gijig was told by person after person, including some Salesforce staff that they had the best booth at the show despite booth size. It didn't hurt that gijig got more than double their expected leads.


Brand Identity and Print Collateral



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