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Indoor Navigation Made Accurate

A geomagnetic positioning systems that takes you to the places GPS cant.


Indoor positioning systems (IPS) can help you locate people or objects inside a building. IndoorAtlas uses the unique approach of engaging the earth’s magnetic core - a system used by animals and birds for centuries. With this unique approach, IndoorAtlas is able to locate people, objects, places of business not only longitudinally, latitudinally, but also in the dimension of height. So, you want to know where your favorite guilty pleasure shoe store is, IndoorAtlas pinpoints it for you. Accurate positioning, infinitely scalable, geo-fencing, proximity advertising, and more. Perfect for retail transportation venues and healthcare facilities. We had the pleasure of creating a new, updated website, UX design, and brand development that would showcase all the features of this incredible app.


UX design, web design and brand development for this cutting edge IPS app, showcasing its unique features.


User Experience Design, Web Design, Brand Development