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Striving for excellent App Design

Track your goals with a friendly push - an encouraging friend in the palm of your hand.


Striving to be your very best just got a little easier. With iStrive, goals are set and plans, actionable plans, are created to make those goals more than just another “I guess I should” in your day. This helpful little app is just crammed with all the goodness you need for living a more deliberate life. We made sure you could track the progress of goals, manage your schedule for repeating goals or strives, and set it up so you could invite friends and encourage each other along the way. iStrive isn’t just for tracking how many miles you run a day oh no, it has a much broader and deeper scope than that. With iStrive you can track how you balance work, health, relationships, errands, and even charitable services. iStrive is a whole life goal tracker. You can even set up push notifications that will remind you, as you cruise past the grocery store, to pick up milk. Those types of strives can be personalized and set up for just about anything. So, whether you’re interested in how you strive to be better on a daily, weekly or even yearly basis, iStrive is an app designed to make those goals a reality and that deliberately lived life much more possible.


Here at ThoughtLab we did everything on this little gem; from wireframes, design and development to the logo. A personal project for us as we strive to be the best digital agency going.


Branding, User Experience Design, Mobile Design, Mobile iOS Development, Digital Marketing