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No Dewy Decimal Needed

A World Class Library in the Palm of Your Hand


Imagine having a library of world-class authors and their works in the palm of your hand. Pretty exciting, right? We thought so too. The app is truly sheik, having been designed for an Arabian
emir then brought to us to increase universality.

Keeping the focus on content, this customized reading experience was designed with all readers in mind. No worries if you’re not tech savvy when moving your way through this app. Easy access for those who just want to find that perfect book and read. Sleek, intuitive, contemporary but, comfortable - the way curling up with a good book should feel.

With a design that is simple, clean, minimalistic, we have the orange dot, the vibrancy of the sun, the warm light guiding the reader to their next literary adventure, it’s a perfect symbol for this versatile app. The orange dot brings you into an app where you can buy books, create your own personal library, change fonts, change languages as well as share your material with friends and access what they’re reading. Here we have created a community where notes, ideas, and feelings about books and authors can be explored and exchanged. A literary roundtable that you don’t have to leave your house to be a part of.


Dealing with different translations, a very high level of customizability was at the core of the project. Fluency and adaptability became the watchwords for this e-reader app. Along with the smooth design, an easy to understand tutorial for the app was created. Consistent swipes, logical UI and 8 clean, clear, slides that explain all the functionality and behavior of this amazing e-reader. A truly organic, delightful, experience finding your new favorite author in the palm of your hand.


Branding, User Experience Design, UI Design, Mobile Design