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Man and Nature in Luxurious Harmony

Where red rock meets sage and rugged meets luxury - design meets functionality.


Sorrel River Ranch in Moab, a place where nature and man commune in unprecedented harmony. Secluded from a busy world, silence is conveyed to the ear on gentle, warm, breezes, carrying the sweet smell of sage, red clay and... what’s that hint in the air, coffee? Fresh and hot, enjoyed on a porch swing overlooking the Colorado River. Subtle yet remarkable, simple but life-changing. You find what you cherished but believed was lost; the authentic you. The vistas stir a need to do, to be part of it. Saddle up, take a horse out on the trails, the ridges, the canyons. Go for a hike or paddle on the majestic Colorado. There’s the you that’s been hiding.

Only a select few seemed to know about this gem. Word of mouth, pictures and stories but, this harmonious retreat, was largely unknown as a destination in Moab. Gourmet dining, thoughtful to the environment, careful in its preparation and presentation, a joyous celebration for the palette. After dinner, a cocktail in the bar, and live music. Your authentic self mingles with strangers, soon to be friends, soon to be letters and phone calls and let’s get together again.

Nothing was conveying the perfect blend of rustic and luxurious five star pampering. We decided to virtually take people by the hand and lead them in. High-end, authentic, unexpected, exclusive, all sum up what now shines with improved branding, content, and digital makeover.

Nighttime, the river sounds weaving perfectly with the crackle of the fire, creating an aural tapestry unmatched by technology. S’mores for the sweet tooth, peace for the head and heart. You take the short stroll, under a canopy of stars, back your room, your luxurious bed and drift off to sleep.

In the morning, the sun slipping in, your eyes drink in the beauty of the river view. You’re fully awake and part of hozho, the natural order, wholeness in harmony with mother earth.

The stories told, the pictures shown, the feelings linger. Sorrel River Ranch isn't just a getaway or vacation - it’s uncovering and rediscovering the authentic you. Once you do that, nothing is ever the same.


Creating a way for the off the beaten path to have a little more mainstream attention. We created a website that brings you through the truly off the grid western paradise. Highlighting that only Sorrel Ranch can connect the immersive, adventurous and the unforgettable in the wilds of nature with the high-end pampering of a first class resort to create the definitive unique experience.


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