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Luxury Label Branding

Branding the anti-label in a New York Second.


Stephanie Rad set out to fulfill her goal of designing sophisticated luxury clothing for the modern woman by launching her own label in New York City. Her collection reflects her own elegant style, resulting in a line that is as timeless and refined as it is versatile and functional. Stephanie approached ThoughtLab to help strategically define her brand and introduce it to the retail market.

Rad’s “label-less” approach to fashion is designed to empower women to move through the day in style by wearing exceptionally fitting, high-end clothes. Playing with the concept of understated luxury, we created a signature element that could serve as a foundation for the brand: brackets. The empty space between these marks is used as a metaphor to the label-less approach of Rad’s brand, as well as a playful way of creating a recognizable brand image through the intentional use of nothingness. This theme was woven through every aspect of the brand design: logo, clothing labels, business cards inspired by garment tags, and a look-book that’s turned into a signature branding experience.

With the first collection launched months after the brands completion, ThoughtLab created a solid foundation for the Stephanie Rad brand that will allow the collection to shine as brightly as it empowers women to handle their fashionably fast-paced lives. Watch out for Stephanie Rad: she’s going to be among the next style leaders in a New York Second.


Branding, Print Design