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Dairy Council of Utah & Nevada

Quality, Consistency, and Style. Rebranding The Agricultural Industy.


The council itself is a small team of dedicated professionals devoted to the promotion of lifelong health and enjoyment of food. This unified, cohesive, group was an inspiration to us when we did a full branding and website design for them.

Quality, consistency, and style - that’s what one might look for in high fashion. It’s also what we saw when we started working with the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada. Quality in their products, consistency in their care and style in the cows. Very stylish bovine this council has.

In 1935 a Los Angeles milk inspector initiated the Dairy Roadside Appearance program. Encouraging dairy farmers to paint their barns, clean up the land to perpetuate the small family farm, red barn, gentle hands squeezing milk from the animal’s teat into a tin pail, idea. The notion of a dairy farm nestled in pastoral bliss, far from the haunts of man and the reach of technology is outdated and incorrect. Most modern dairy farms are tech savvy and supply milk for a large population. That doesn’t mean they forget their roots or the people they are serving.

The Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada needed a new logo, one that conveyed the purity of their older logo with the modern touch of today's dairy business. With a subtle nod to negative space and an adherence to the council's ideas of quality, consistency, and style, we created a guide with a one voice color scheme for a cohesive and harmonious look. From there, we created a logo that was both modern and nostalgic.

We discovered that most milk drinkers feel disconnected from the source of their dairy delights. We believed the website as the way to fix that disconnect, so we redesigned their website. The new website, modern and quick in its operation, beautifully bridges the gap between farm and consumer.


Keeping with the unity of color and style, we built a new website that is full of connective information, facts and videos, connections to the community and is simple to navigate. On top of that we designed a logo that was both modern and nostalgic. Simple, like the old fashioned image of the red barn and the local farmer, but with the high tech reality of the modern dairy.


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