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UX Design

UX Design (User experience design) is about designing with users' needs, desires, and motivations in mind. Understanding how users approach tasks and solve problems provides insight that can lead to innovative breakthroughs in defining features and designing interfaces, most often yielding simpler, more intuitive ways for users to interact with a product, website, or application.




Gathering information about what and how users think through interviews, surveys, and ethnographic research provides the necessary data to help develop and test design theories throughout the entire user experience design process.


Persona Development

Once a group of target users is defined and we have collected the necessary data from research we create personas who personify the traits, attitudes, and behaviors of the target group to help think through what various users may do in different scenarios.

Paper Airplane


Prototyping provides a rapid way of defining and refining how a user will move through, interact with, and experience a website or application. Finding the best solution requires thinking through many different possible paths.

UX Design In Process


Discovery is where we engage in research, interviews, ethnography, persona development, user stories, information architecture, and design the rough layouts and functionality of the website or application.


In Design, we build upon the concepts created in Discovery and refine the layouts into realistic user interfaces. We incorporate branding and graphic design to beautify the designs and make usability improvements.


UX design in the Development phase involves creating click-through prototypes, small usability improvements, usability-enhancing animations, and the comprehensive development of all designs.


Delivery happens throughout the process with the major deliverables occurring in Discovery and Design. Once a website or application goes live we engage in multivariate testing to continually improve the user experience.

UX Design In Action