ThoughtLab is passionate about storytelling and nothing brings stories to life better than branded video with motion graphics. From concept to post production, ThoughtLab's team will create storyboards, write the script, film, produce, and edit the video.



Motion Graphics

Motion can bring a brand to life, create memorable surprises, set the mood for a scene, or tell a story. Motion graphics are so prevalent in video that we don't always realize what is real and what is fake.

Video Production


Developing a concept and creating the road map to turn it into a great branded video involves brainstorming, storyboarding, script writing, and finding the right talent and locations.

Video Editing

Video Editing

The right video editing can make or break any video and we love finding the right cuts, stitching them together, and creating the perfect transitions at the right moments to capture the story.

Video In Process


In Discovery we brainstorm and develop concepts, as well as vet concepts through storyboarding, writing scripts, and researching locations and talent.


In Design we bring storyboards and scripts to life by creating scenes, graphics, and branded elements to set the background and mood of a story.


In Development we take any footage produced, find the right cuts, and edit the video. We then bring all of the elements created in design to life.


Delivery occurs at many points through the process with the primary deliverables being outlines, storyboards, scripts, branded graphics, raw footage, and final edited video.

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