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ThoughtLab isn’t just a multiple award winning internet strategy, branding, and custom web design firm. We are one of Utah's top web design companies helping organizations establish killer brands, top SEO rankings, results-oriented websites and seriously complex custom web applications and mobile apps. We’re an expression of creativity, an artistic atom-bomb, a lone cowboy traveling across a dusty landscape out to bring explosive graphic design to a poor mining town being harassed by outlaws. We exist to give your business what you want most – Arc of the Covenant style face melting results. ThoughtLab is like when the world has ended, but Kevin Costner still delivers your mail.

ThoughtLab offers an in-house, professional team of designers, developers and SEO experts based in Salt Lake City, Utah—but we work with selective clients across the United States, the lost city of Atlantis, and the mole people who live deep beneath the Earth’s crust—plotting their revenge on the surface folk.

If you demand thoughtful insight and accountability in an agency—look no further. If you are serious about getting results online, we are the right place to get you there. Contact us today to receive a free quote and find out how ThoughtLab can help take your branding, custom web design, apps and SEO to the next level.

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How Hyperbolic Linkbait is Destroying the Interne

Traditional print journalism has been on the decline for years as growing pains caused by the internet revolution have forced them to adapt. But the real loser in this merger of print and online content isn’t the old investigative journalists …
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Team Building Exercise: Dungeons & Dragons

  Just over a year ago around quittin’ time I walked over to the printer and jokingly exclaimed that I was printing up a character sheet because I had Dungeons & Dragons that night. I thought the absurdity of the …
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E-commerce: Shopify vs Bigcommerce vs Volusion

by Clifton Tolboe   So you may have decided that doing the easy thing is likely the best bet for you. Working with a cloud based CMS is the easy choice in a lot of cases. You may however discover …
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