ThoughtLab employee in totoro onesie
ThoughtLab employee in totoro onesie

A ThoughtLab Halloween 2014


I think it's safe to say you're in the minority if you don't like Halloween. There's candy, games, parties, and freaks of nature dressed up in clever costumes. There are the typical gripes of the expense of a good costume, not having a costume that's clever, or just being one of those people that don't like to dress up, and I kind of get it... But here at ThoughtLab, we LOVE Halloween.

Each year we have a party with cornhole and other various fun team building games.  We ordered pizza from the Pie Hole and all brought treats to share. It turned out to be a hell of a time.

The night before Halloween to truly get in the spirit, some of the team went to check out one of our clients haunted houses, Nightmare on 13th.  They do a stellar job at spooking all the ghouls and gals of SLC at this place.

Here are some photos from the party and Nightmare on 13th.  Can't wait for next year!

Thoughtlab Halloween Nightmare on 13th

This guy... The selfie king about to enter into the Haunted House.

Thoughtlab Halloween

We loved Ali's cute and clever Tangerine costume.  She's probably the smartest one here.

ThoughtLab Halloween

Ganesh surprised us all with his killer pirate costume.  ARGH!

ThoughtLab Halloween

These two clowns are always pranking people around the office, so they dressed up like Mike and Clif.  The best part is, when Mike walked in, he was dressed up as David!  (See photo below).

David Mike Thoughtlab Halloween
ThoughtLab Nightmare on 13th

Some of the gang at Nightmare on 13th.

Thoughtlab Nightmare on 13th

Super spooked.

Thoughtlab Halloween Candid

Loving this candid shot of part of the team.  Sounds like somebody was saying something that was pure gold.

Leah Rory Thoughtlab Halloween

Pikachu and Rory

Mike Mady Cornhole Thoughtlab Halloween

Mike (or David) making moves in this game of cornhole.

Totoro ThoughtLab Halloween

And our favorite costume of all, Deokhyun dressed as Totoro.

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