smoke rising from fire
smoke rising from fire
#WhyWeCreate #Manifesto

A ThoughtLab Manifesto

Paul Kiernan

Don’t waste your time on this planet churning out vague simulacrums of what has come before. There’s plenty of that going on already.

Don’t come here with your desires for authenticity and your craving for edgy and then turn tail and run when you see what you asked for come to fruition. Don’t do that. Don't do that to us and most of all, don’t do that to yourself. Why bother? What does it get you? Nothing, really, nothing at all so, why bother?

The definition of the term edgy, well one of them, there are two, the one that pertains here is; At the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde. The other definition has something to do with drinking too much coffee and basically being an insufferable asshat. Let me break this down a little more for you so you know what’s going on. Avant-garde is defined as; Noun; new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them. Second definition; adj; favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas. Take a minute and look at those two definitions, really look at them. Do you see the words “usual” or “same old, same old” in there? Do you see the hint of the idea to just “do it like we always have done it”? Do you see a thread of “do it just like our competitor”? Nope, you don’t and here’s why, because by definition, edgy and avant-garde are not reproductions of the what the dude in the office two doors down is doing. Edgy doesn’t simply mean dress it in black. The word edge means you’re at the moment of change. Something happens at the edge. Something new, exciting, hell, maybe even insanely terrifying but, it’s different from everything behind you, everything that has brought you to this edge. The edge is not for the faint of heart, the timid, the unsure, the questioners, the “give me a year to think about this and then change my mind because I don’t want to ruffle feathers, disrupt the status quo” types of folks. Those types of people have their places. Sweet mother, they think the drive thru fast food window is cutting edge.They have plenty of places to get their kicks. But, not here. We are not for them. And you are not one of them.

Risk. The newest trend became the newest trend because what has come before wasn’t working, wasn’t exciting, wasn’t grabbing people by the eyeballs and yanking them to the screen or slapping them upside the head and causing them to rethink their entire existence in the push of button. The newest trend takes hold, grabs on, infiltrates your day in day out, ham and egg existence because someone, somewhere said screw this petting zoo, we need a change and they risked. They risked failure, they risked ridicule, they risked bucking the norm and above all, they looked “safe” in the face and said; “you are a tranquilizer to thought and I am done with you.” That’s risk and every now and then, risk pays off. Risk becomes the new trend, the new thing, the new must have. Without risk you really have no idea if you’re good or just one of the mooing herd that’s crapping all over the field of the internet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, risk doesn’t mean act like an inhumanly drunk frat boy on Bourbon Street with a fistfull of tens. That’s just idiocy and a one way ticket to a dose of the clap. That should never be confused with risk. Risk does involve thought, understanding trends, seeing the field of battle and thinking, you know, we’ve been standing in squares like pictures on a calendar for a long time and we’re getting slaughtered, let’s change that game up some. Risk implies that you understand at least the basics of the situation but, you believe there is a better way to achieve a better outcome. It’s not blind, it’s not irrational, it’s not stupid but, it still takes guts, trust and a little bit of screw it, let’s rock and roll. That’s why you come to us. We know risky, we know edgy, we know how to spot trends and capitalize on them. We can see where you want to go and we have the skills, the tools and that perfect bit of screw it that will take you to the next level. We do. We’ll give you that edgy you’re looking for. We’ll create that wow, that’s new, that you dream of cause, that’s where we live. But, here's the catch; you have to go with us. You have to have courage in this and believe the words you yourself say when you sit down in a meeting with us and tell us; “we want something edgy.”

We are the guys who finish that late night, we need something awesome, sentence; “Oh my God, wouldn’t it be great if we could …” Yea, we say unto ye, yea, it would be great and better still, give it to us and it shall be great. We’ll finish that sentence, create that moment, give you that answer if you are willing to step up and follow through with your desire to be better. If you’re truly willing to when you say you want to risk. We will risk with you. We’re not just sitting on the sideline watching the squares of soldiers get leveled, we're in the damn square with you. We’re the ones saying; we've seen this nightmare before and it doesn’t end well for us. We’re the ones who hear you say, we need to do something new and then we will lead that charge to the something new. We will be right there with you, supporting your desires, creating the new, slamming to the edge and then, flying over it with you. We give you the guns, the horses, the lawyers, the wings and we will be there with you when you soar. But, you have to be willing to take the leap. Trust us, that leap is good. That leap is equal parts good gracious what am I doing and lord above, why haven’t I done this before. That’s the sweet spot. That’s the right stuff. That’s the goods. That’s the edge.

Here’s the the thing, when creating the new, the cutting edge, the risky, the door to hell, well, someone has to open that bastard, and, frankly, it's probably going to be us. We’ve been known to have moments of but wait, what’s behind this door and then, biblical fire and brimstone gets unleashed and really, we’re sorry about that but, fear not intrepid traveler, we’re right there with you. We have the asbestos, fire fighting, brimstone banishing umbrellas of wonder to protect you. So, we’ll unleash the fires of hell, because those fires may hide something perfect but, we’ll soon tame those fires and keep you safe and sound while we do it. Simply put, we may, during the process, screw this up from hell to breakfast but, in the end, we’re going to give you a high quality, top notch, keep you coming back for more, breakfast.

So, bring it to us. Take the same old, defenestrate that sucker and listen to that voice that’s telling you to risk, go to the edge. Bring that to us and then have some conviction toward it. Stay with it when we give you exactly what you asked for because, it’s not a matter of having the courage of your convictions, it’s about having the courage to face an attack on your convictions. And who attacks them? Status quo, fear, the usual, the nay sayers. Those types didn’t get us to the moon. Those types didn’t give us the internet. The timid souls who wrap themselves in the security blanket of this is how we do stuff here, will never stand at the head of the pack and suddenly realize they are no longer followers, they are leaders. Don’t waste your time on this planet churning out vague simulacrums of what has come before. There’s plenty of that going on already. You want more, you see further, you get it and you know, it’s worth the risk.

You’re courageous, a visionary, a risk taker. We’re Thoughtlab, nice to meet you, let’s make something awesome.