A table covered in branded items
A table covered in branded items

Five Great Benefits of a Rebrand

Paul Kiernan

There are many views on a rebranding; most say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s fine, but how do you know it ain’t broke?

The rules have changed; from remote working to quiet quitting, the regular daily business is different. There era new waters to navigate and new issues to overcome. With the incoming wave of AI, even more change is coming. Relax; change is good. Maybe change is being forced upon you and your business, or perhaps you’re sitting in your office and thinking, I know this could work better, we could reach more people, and we can help out the bottom line.

It’s a great thought and one you should take some time to dissect and see what’s what. One thing you might want to consider is a rebrand. There are many views on a rebranding; most say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s fine, but how do you know it ain’t broke? Maybe things are going fine, but is fine the best you want to do? There are brands that thought things were fine, but in reality, they needed help.

What your business needs is a rebrand. Now, this task is not easy and shouldn’t be explored without genuine cause. Do some research, talk to a branding company, see what they have to offer, and make sure it aligns with what you need.

If you’re still on the fence, this article will give you some joy; we will look at five reasons why you should seriously think of rebranding.

A new audience

The market is ever-evolving, simple as that. Now, you cannot rebrand every time a new idea comes down the pike, but you can look at your business and ask, is it moving at a pace that watches the market? One of the best ways to stay up is to reach more people. You have an audience, but with time and effort, you can grow that audience.

Take a look at the evolving market and tap into it. Show off some new aspects of your business that will align you with trends. This will get you noticed, and that notice can turn into new customers and loyal and lasting relationships if you handle it correctly. The way to do that is to rebrand.

One thing about this that most people need to realize is that once you have a new set of eyes on your business, it stops looking stale and the same old to you and your new audience. That further clarity you’ll achieve can help you see new possibilities and avenues for your business. The rebrand not only gets you a wider audience but also enables you to see your business in a new light and maybe inspires you.

Break from the pack

a pack of Meerkats

Yes, there is a pack. You may not see them, they may be ankle biters or interlopers, but they are part of the pack, and perhaps the public sees you that way; you’re just another business in the pack that does the same thing.

But you're not just like the rest of the pack; you’re unique, have more to offer, and are a cut above. How does anyone know that? The market ebbs and flows, and new potential clients show us daily. So, you need something that will make you a beacon to the new folks and a rethink for the rest of the audience.

A rebrand allows you to break away and set yourself up as an expert, something no one in the market is doing as well as you. Once you’ve moved out of the faceless crowd with a rebrand, your audience will see you with fresh eyes, and that’s when you build your audience and reach further.

Stay relevant

If a rebranding has one goal, it is to keep your brand current and relevant. Thai leans heavily on design elements. Are your designs, color choices, copy, and everything else that represents your brand stuck in the 1970s? If you’re an items from the 1970s business, cool. Move along. However, if your business is not meant to be stuck in a past decade, then your message is not landing. Audiences will look at your out-of-date design and colors and turn away.

If your brand is not current in look, feel, and message, then no one is paying attention. A rebrand will get you looking and feeling current, which will get your audience to stop, look and rethink you. Once you’re current, you are fresh in the eyes of potential clients, and you don’t feel stuck in the past. Even if you’re selling state-of-the-art technology, no one will care if your brand is not current.

Again, when you rebrand to be more relevant, you may discover aspects of your business that are exciting, but you’ve not paid attention to them because it’s just the way to do business. A rebrand gives your target audience a new way to see you and gives you fresh eyes and more ways to be inspired by your business again. A smart rebrand keeps you current.

Reflects your intelligence in the market

You can be on top of market trends and even lead the pack on many of the changes coming down the pike. You are intelligent, aware, socially conscious, and offering something significant to a new and growing audience. Now, take a serious look at your brand and ask yourself, does this brand reflect everything new and exciting that we’re offering?

If the answer is no or even, I’m not sure; then you need to seriously consider a rebrand. If you’re offering new products and services and you’re a market leader, your brand has got to reflect that, or no one is paying attention.

A rebrand allows you to showcase what’s new, what you’ve always been great at, and it shows that your business is intelligent, staying ahead o trends and offering things that the rest of the pack isn't even aware of yet. A rebrand indicates that you’re always thinking and evolving to be better.

Raise the bottom line

A tight roll of $100 dollar bills.

Look, we can throw industry buzzwords around, quote infographics, and tell you how forward-thinking you’ll be; however, a rebrand will not only impact your entire inbound strategy, it will make your business more profitable. It will raise awareness of your brand, bringing in more money. It will bring new eyes and a broader audience to your door, which means more profits.

All of these are great benefits of a rebrand, and if you’re even thinking about a rebrand, stop thinking and do it. The benefits are great; if you find the right branding company, the sky’s the limit.

Ready to rebrand

Great, this is a smart move, and if you’ve gotten to this point, a rebrand will benefit your company and brand, so good news there.

The not-so-great news is that a rebrand IS going to be a bit of a daunting task, especially if you have not got an excellent rebranding company to guide you and especially if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of your website’s SEO value, which CMS platform best fits your needs, or how to let people know about your brand changes.

You can look at branding strategies and checklists; that’s an excellent place to start. But the truth is, you’ll need more help than that. It’s best to engage with a rebranding agency with experience and will treat your company as unique and not just apply a general; this is how we rebrand everyone, attitude to your rebrand. Take your time and do the research. Talk to an agency that will see you as one of a kind and that will listen, guide and support you through the entire rebranding process. Start by calling on ThoughtLab; they are branding experts. And, even if you don’t end up working with them, they will give you good advice and a path to follow to get you started doing rebranding.

Remember, a good rebrand doesn't mean throwing it all out and starting from square one; an intelligent rebrand looks at what is working, highlights it, and uses your strengths to grow and attract a new audience. In the process, a rebrand will help you discover things about your company that perhaps you’ve forgotten or put on the back burner. Now, you will see things in a new light, and you never know what you’ll uncover that can give you an advantage. Contact a great branding agency today.