the band Foals
the band Foals

Foals upload first Virtual Reality music video “Mountain at My Gates” — watch


The revolutionary first music video made with GoPro Spherical VR technology

Looking towards the upcoming release of their fourth studio Album, What Went Down the British group Foals has unveiled the music video for “Mountain at My Gates”, although in a slightly different way than we expected and in a way that has never been seen before:

The music video is an amazing insight into the next generation of video tech. With an uninterrupted visual experience and full 3-Dimensional panoramic view, Foals has been making noise all over the internet. 

Holding my friends iPhone 6+ up at eye level while viewing from within the Youtube phone app and then making a complete 360 turn allowed me to pan around the set with Foals as if I were actually there on stage with them.  No VR headset was necessary, just me and the phone app.  This music video was the first to be made with GoPro’s Spherical virtual reality technology.

A little background on the video: it was was directed by NABIL (well known for his first work with Kanye West).  How to experience this revolutionary splash of virtual reality? You can view the video’s 3-dimensional-like footage by using the AWSD keys on your keyboard while viewing from the google chrome browser or by tilting the viewport of your phone while watching from within the YouTube phone app.  With Yannis Philippakis traversing the stage around 4 different captures of himself this video was a remarkable experience, I highly recommend it.  Want to try it yourself?  Paste the link below in your Chrome browser. Already in Chrome? Click full screen in the video below!