ICANN Announces New Address Changes


Get ready boys and girls for more changes in our website addressing system.

The ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assingend Names and Numbers), yes this actually exists, will upsurge the amount of Internet address endings from the current 22 to literally thousands.  They are saying with the change will come the ability to change URL endings that end in virtually any ending that begins with a period.  For example, .Mcdonalds, .Thoughtlab, or .bananacreampie.

<br /> Beginning Jan. 12, applications will be accepted for what they are calling the gTLDs (generic top level domains) and will only require an application fee of $185,000, *cough*.

The real question that is buzzing around is whether or not this new addressing system can outperform our current dogmatic champion, the .com.  Brett Green, CMO for HIP Chameleon thinks that this new system won implement very naturally.

“It will take a lot of retraining to get Americans to type in anything besides dot com in a web browser when they want to visit a website. Cognitive bias already has us trained to go to '.com' first, '.net' second and '.org' or '.edu' third -- with other domain name endings falling short of hitting our cognitive radar.”

We’ll see if internet users liken themselves to the new change, and which companies pitch in the 185,000 clams to secure the openings.