Interior Design Trick


Last week I started to take a look inside SLC galleries and stores because I want to hang art on my wall. Everything I found was really expensive. After buying tons of furniture I don't want to spent $200.00 or even $100.00 on a mounted poster or painting. So I made my own and here's how.

First of all you have to buy yourself a printer. It doesn't need to be a top one. I got a Canon in a supermarket for $30.00. After that you have to choose a frame, but the frame has to be letter paper size in it's width. I bought 3 frames for $30.00 in another supermarket. Luckily, every new printer comes with the full ink cartridges, so you won't have to spend money on new ink. Your total cost will be $60.00.

My objective was to place my art into it, but you can also use any kind of pictures. One thing that I have found to be pretty cool is to fill the frames with letters cut out from magazines. Use your imagination and you may find a result that is all your own... and that adds its own cool element to the final result.