Kaki King


A while ago I saw the movie "Into the Wild" and an instrumental song called my attention. It was a beautiful song, but for me it was kind of hard to find out about the song writer, because if you search for "Into the Wild Soundtrack" on Google, all you get are songs written by Eddie Vedder (which I love by the way, but it wasn't what I was looking for). So a few days ago I watched that movie again and felt like going back on Google to try finding the song again. As always YouTube saved me!

The name of the song writter is Kaki King and she is a unbelievably talented guitar player from New York who has an beautiful solo career. She also plays with a lot of famous artists as a special guest. A great example is an awesome song with Foo Fighters called "Ballad of the Beaconsfield".

Her last CD is amazing and it's called "Dreaming of Revenge". And the CD that has the "Into the Wild" music is called "Legs to Make Us Longer". The name of the song is "Doing the Wrong Thing".

That has been the soundtrack for my latest works and it's been really inspiring. <br />