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Marketing Grant Updates: Still pushing on, still giving back

Gary Marcoccia

Our marketing grant was designed to help give back to organizations to help them cope with the economic impacts of COVID-19. Our four grant award recipients are still pushing on & still giving back.

Paying it forward during the pandemic

Earlier this year we announced the recipients of our marketing grant program, designed to help select organizations cope with the economic impacts of COVID-19. A key selection requirement was that grant winners needed to practice paying it forward to some degree.

The thought inside the lab was that by helping these four "give back" organizations, we would by extension be helping others connected to their respective missions.

We are thrilled to report that each of our four grant winners are still pushing on, and by design, still giving back. Below is a quick update on how the ThoughtLab grant program has helped out so far.

Hugo Coffee Roasters

Hugo Coffee Roasters - Shop Screengrab

With our help Hugo Coffee Roasters launched a full-service affiliate program to increase brand awareness, introduce new customers, and drive more sales. Since their June integration and launch in the Impact Marketplace, Hugo has established dozens of marketing partnerships, generated thousands of brand impressions, and converted over 3% of affiliate-referred shoppers. 

Hugo is 76% through their grant award engagement. We will continue to provide specialized affiliate marketing management support throughout the remainder of the grant term.

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Park Silly Sunday Market

Park City Silly Market - Vendor Directory Screengrab

When COVID-19 closed down their popular open-air Main Street market, Park Silly Sunday Market stepped-up their web presence to accommodate the listings of some 500 vendors. As vendors add listings, "under the hood" SEO copy is written and inputted by our team. This allows listings to be better consumable by search engines, which will translate to more pageviews and better website authority over time.

Park Silly is 56% through their grant award engagement. We will continue to support on-site SEO and copywriting for new vendor listings, as well as advising on ecommerce best practices.

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Sewing For Lives

SewingForLives.org Screengrab

The explosive organic growth of Sewing For Lives left the new non-profit staff scrambling for web help, from application development support to larger scale and longer term site and content planning to fundamentals like on-page SEO copywriting and optimization. The latter two is where our team jumped in, helping with site work and planning for both the .com and .org websites.

Sewing For Lives is 59% through their grant award engagement. We will continue to support on-site SEO, best practices, copywriting, and content planning. We will also help support and advise on the consolidation of both websites to the sewingforlives.org domain.

Utah Arts Alliance

Utah Arts Alliance - Screengrab

Like all event and people-present organizations, the Utah Arts Alliance had to close down in-person operations for a number of weeks. During that time we helped them focus inward on website security, functionality improvements, Google Analytics set-up with conversion goals, and on-spec SEO copywriting/entries for every page.

Utah Arts Alliance is 66% through their grant award engagement. We will continue to to support UtahArts.org, as well as work to support the other websites they own and operate. This will include securing the sites, doing the SEO copywriting/entry, and setting up tag manager with Google Analytics.

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