Recommended Developer System Spec


<br />Software development systems are designed to facilitate efficiency. Multiple monitors have been shown to dramatically improve efficiency for software development. Fast CPUs help speed up builds, and lots of ram will help with many software development tasks and multitasking. Gigabit ethernet connections will speed up loading large projects over a network. Last, and sadly often overlooked for those poor decrepit programmers is ergonomics. Can we include a nice Herman Miller chair in these specs? <br />

<br /> <br /> <br />Overview: <br />Est System Cost: $1812.00 <br /> Submitted By: Jared Bouck <br /> Submit Date: 5/5/2008 <br /> Complexity to Assemble: Very Experienced <br /> Software Configuration and Optimization: Level 10 Geek <br /> Estimated Productive Life Span: 2 years <br /> <br /> <br />