Restaurant Review - Jimmy John's


As promised, here's a review of the new Jimmy John's on Broadway in our lovely downtown heart of Salt Lake City. With a tagline of Gourmet Sandwiches, you might expect something fancy, yet the disclaimer on the menu explains--in a friendly and humorous tone--that he only used the word 'Gourmet' on his mother's recommendation and he's not sure either of them really know what that means.

Using as my ready reference, gourmet means "of or characteristic of a gourmet, esp. in involving or purporting to involve high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation." By my judgement, Jimmy John's is hardly exotic--but it certainly requires skilled preparation--with every sandwich made fresh before your eyes.

Another tagline much more appropo is Freaky Fast. I entered the busy shop with a few people in front of me yet the line moved so quickly that the cashier had to wait while I selected my sandwich and then ordered. Upon paying, I was handed my cup and headed toward the drink machine when I heard my sandwich name being called. I was confused because it must be for someone else, right? I diverted from the path to the drink machine to check out the sandwich--which was indeed mine, so I picked it up--and then continued back to the drink machine to fill up my cup. That's Freaky Fast!

Along with the Jimmy John's chips and Jimmy John's cookie I ordered, I enjoyed my sandwich (yes, with guacamole and mayo) at the Gallivan Center. Highly recommended for fast service and good food.