Restaurant Review - Settebello


I enjoyed my first experience at Settebello after it opened in the spring of 2007. I sat at the bar entranced as I watched the native-Italian chef whirl around pizzas and slide them into the fiery oven. As the menu explains, many of their ingredients are imported, including flours and olives. Thinking back to my time living in Europe, I too could vouch for the authenticity of this pizza.

The owner/entrepreneur stopped by and explained that he and his business partner had met while doing volunteer work in Italy. Years later they decided to become business partners and open a restaurant in Las Vegas. After some time, they opened the second location in downtown Salt Lake City. They were careful to select the most authentic of ingredients available, as well as chefs. Settebello enjoys a busy stream of traffic. Then, in 2009 (or maybe 2008 if time has flown that quickly), Settebello expanded their space and opened an adjacent gelato bar.

The pizzas have a thin, soft crust and are personally sized at, oh, maybe 12". Traditionally pizzas do not come sliced and you can cut it on your plate, but you can request it cut into slices. The menu also offers wine and European beverages.

I have eaten there many times over the last couple years and have always enjoyed a positive experience with excellent, authentic food.