Restaurant Review - Toasters


A second location of Toasters opened up in downtown Salt Lake City--this one on Broadway. There was a lot of hubbub when Toasters opened. I waited several weeks for the crowds to die down to the point I was willing to join the line. As I entered the shop, one of the workers behind the counter called out a hello, in an effort to make me feel welcome. Yet the employees were so busy, that the hello seemed a bit pressured and disingenuous. No fault to the employee, simply the artifice.

I ordered my sandwich to go and sat down on the entryway couch and read the paper. My sandwich was brought to me and I wandered off to the Gallivan Center to enjoy the sunshine.

Toasters claims a healthy sandwich. I am reminded of the Kashi granola bars I bought a couple years back when their presence on the market was new to me. I purchased a large box and Costco and made my way miserably through them (because I wouldn't throw them away). At one point I mentioned them to my sister and she said, "Oh aren't those the new diet granola bars?" I retorted, "They had better be diet because they sure taste like it." While I like nutritious food, I also like a thick portion of mayonnaise, and other luxuriously fattening condiments. Toasters is relatively healthy, and had better be because it tastes like it.

I found my sandwich dry, and although it was toasted to the point that you could see grill marks on the bread, the bread was not warm and the cheese had not started to melt. I wonder, what's the point?

While I salivate at juicy thoughts of a messy sandwich, customers are lining up for the healthy Toaster experience. May you choose whatever suits you best.