thoughtlab goes bowling
thoughtlab goes bowling

ThoughtLab Goes Bowling


Sometimes staring at a computer monitor all day gets a little tiresome, and spending some time to clear our heads is a healthy reprieve. We like to use this time for what we call Thoughtladiatorial combat. We sport a dart board at the office we’ll often take a crack at, and it’s not uncommon for us to flop some cards from such awesome games as Fluxx, Munchkin, and Bang! But for the rare occasions we can get everyone in the office to take a break at the same time we’ll venture out to Fast Kart Speedway or bowling.

Ah yes bowling. An ancient sport first invented by the Romans, and perfected by the British—although at the time they called it “Boulder Roller Tipsy Toptumblers.” Needless to say, Mike was a fierce competitor, but Kevin came out on top with a commanding score of nearly 200.

thoughtlab employee selfie
ThoughtLab employee in U of U sweatshirt
ThoughtLab employees at bowling alley