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atlanta made
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ThoughtLab Comes to Atlanta

Paul Kiernan

After subjecting New York, Salt Lake & San Francisco to our unique brand of creative dysfunction we decided it was time to bring our gifts to a new market.

Much like your odd uncle, Vic, who at Thanksgiving announces before the meal he’s unbuttoning his pants to allow for expansion, we are announcing that we’re unbuttoning our borders and expanding our operations to Atlanta, Georgia. However, unlike uncle Vic, we’ll be doing it with a lot less gas and none of those questionable sounds he makes when he eats pie. Seriously, it’s very disturbing.

Not since General William Tecumseh Sherman torched the shit out of the business district of the city back in 1864, and embarked on his famous march to the sea, leaving 40% of that fair city a smoldering husk of it’s once former glory, has Atlanta experienced such heart pounding excitement and abject terror. The ThoughtLab is coming.

After subjecting New York, Salt Lake and San Francisco to our unique brand of creative dysfunction and quirkitude, we decided it was high time we spread the cheer and bring our gifts to a new market. So, after intense debauchery and literally thousands of darts being hurled drunkenly at a map of the United States, (For three hours we were using a map of Middle Earth torn from a dog eared copy of The Lord of the Rings, we clued in only after we failed to find the area code for Minas Morgul) we decided to set up operations in Atlanta. It was either that or Tina, our receptionist’s, ass. Her own fault, she wanted to be a darts goalie.

Heading up our new Atlanta office will be the intrepid and always lingual, Peter Tomala. Peter was once ensconced in our Salt Lake office but, a recent whiff of matrimony and an unmercifully high bar tab sent him fleeing to Atlanta so we figured, why not? He’s there, he knows what he’s doing so what could possibly go wrong? Cut to; Atlanta burning to the ground part two.

With the opening of a new office in Atlanta we look forward to meeting new friends, helping new clients, avoiding new felony charges and bringing our unique drive, creativity and passion to new and old businesses alike. Continuing our quest to reshape the good companies we work with into great companies now brings us to A-Town, also known as The Big Peach. No seriously, that’s true and there are giant peaches everywhere that look like, well, they look like butts. Stick a dart in one and it could be Tina’s.

So, raise a glass, hide the children and put the fire under those long dormant creative juices, ThoughtLab is now open for business in Atlanta, Georgia. Namaste, Y’all.