Windows Phone 7 Series vs. Android vs. iPhone


In the wake of the sneak peek of the iPad, which has been overwhelmingly underwhelming, Microsoft debut their brand new toy which may be the device prophesied to finally debunk the iPhone as the smart phone leader. Due out this holiday season the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series is the biggest hardware investment into a field Microsoft has done since the original Xbox was released back in 2001.

Drastically redone and built from the ground up through a partnership with multiple hardware companies this unique device offers everything a smart phone user could hope or ask for, except Flash, but really, many users have given up that dream since there is still no phone that supports it. Although, the Android has said that Flash compatibility is in the works, and Microsoft said they would try to fit it in for a second release.

It was only last year that the Windows Mobile 6.5 flopped into the market with its clunky interface, emulating a computer desktop. But Microsoft has discovered that on these handheld devices usability is paramount, and offers a beautiful, minimalist display.  Maybe Microsoft took some clues from Apple, or maybe we’re just seeing a more agile and dynamic Microsoft, and hopefully, they’ll keep it up.

This is a very basic spreadsheet compiling the speculative stats for the Windows Phone 7 Series, which is very much subject to change, with the available information for the Android and the iPhone 3GS.