Work and Weight Loss


Prior to working for Thoughtlab, I was a software designer in an environment that was bland in comparison to this place. It was a bland building in a bland suburban corporate centre (and spelt thus, as is the wont of suburban corporate centre developers) with a group of talented but bland professional software designers working on challenging but bland projects. You get the idea, everything was vanilla flavored, and not that good imported Mexican vanilla, rather that unimaginative vanilla that oftentimes stands in for "flavorless".

Over the time I worked there, I managed to gain forty pounds. I attribute this to the bland lifestyle I acclimated myself to accommodate my work environment. In contrast, I've lost almost all of that weight in less than four months working here. And it's not that I didn't try to lose weight at my previous job, but more significantly, neither did I try to lose weight here nor was I even aware of it until some friends, who hadn't seen me in several months, pointed out my weight loss to me.

Of course, we're always hearing that "Never Say 'Diet'" mantra. This is not a startlingly new revelation that I'm bringing down from up on high. I am merely providing an additional data point along that path.