You call that a knife? Now this is a knife!

iphone 5

The ThoughtLab fact sleuths have confirmed that the new iPhone 5 will now sport a massive 4.6 inch Retina display. Reports coming and confirmed through various news agencies like Reuters that Apple has placed the orders for the screens through Samsung; oddly enough from the maker of the iPhone’s most serious competitor - the Google  Android based Galaxy II.  Reports say that the screen will be of the O.L.E.D. variety (that’s organic light emitting diode for you non- techie types) and also will be the highest resolution for an Apple device to date. There’s still no word yet on any of the advanced features that we ‘labbers are hoping for including built in projection, teleportation and mind reading capabilities-  iView, iGo & iMind if you will please Apple, thanks. Expect the new iPhone to be released sometime in the beginning of the third quarter(that’s early October for all you non-business types) and to also possibly leave the iPhone 5 name for simply iPhone a la the new iPad. Needless to say the war between lord Apple and the Darth Google continues- now where the heck is my autonomous iCar Timmy(R.I.P. Steve)?  Larry and Sergey ?