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Email Types to Send for Better Customer Engagement

Campaign Monitor

Our friends over at Campaign Monitor share their expertise on what types of emails to send to increase engagement with your current customers.

Email is one of the best ways to stay in touch with clients or customers and to drive business, and there are some pretty amazing stats to back that up. Here are a few good reasons to use email marketing:

  • For every $1 spent, the return on investment (ROI) is about $44. 
  • Email marketing produces 174% more conversions than social media.
  • Emails with a first name in the subject line are 26% more likely to be opened.
  • 87% of marketers say email performance is increasing.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these statistics before, but it’s possible you’re not familiar with the value of email marketing beyond getting an email to an inbox. And that’s okay. If you’re just starting out in email marketing or are already sending emails to customers, but are looking for ways to be more effective, you’re on the right path.

Use different email types to engage customers

One of the best ways to hold the interest of your busy customers is to send different types of emails. You can mix up your marketing plan by sending any, or all, of the 7 Emails B2C Businesses Should Send. Let’s take a look at two of these email types.

Welcome email

If you’re going to add anything new to your email repertoire, this is the one to start with. By using automation you can get an email to a new subscriber within minutes of their sign up. This can make them feel like your business is very interested in them (and you are!) and make them feel like you want them to be part of what you do. It’s also a great time to introduce what your business stands for, offer a new buyer discount code, and drive some social follows.

For example, Sephora sends a timely welcome email with a 25% discount for new email subscribers. This not only helps convert new leads but can help someone who is undecided on a product to jump.

sephora welcome email

Transactional emails

Anyone who’s made a purchase online has received a transactional email in the form of a purchase receipt or shipping email. Usually, they tell you exactly what you need to know, but not much more. Transactional emails are surprisingly well received; they get 8 times more opens and clicks than other emails and also drive 6 times more revenue as well. Sending an email like this gives you an opportunity to not only share vital info about your business and products purchased but just like a welcome email you can encourage more sales with a discount code or get more social follows by asking.

Atlin personalizes their transactional email with not just a first name, but also the product purchased and an image of it. Plus, they show a lot of personality with the text of the email, while still offering any help the customer might need.

atlin transactional email

There many other emails you can send your customers outside of the traditional product or newsletter emails that most companies use. Take a look a the following infographic, 7 Emails B2C Businesses Should Send, for more reasons and ideas to add a few new emails to your customer communications.<br />Source: 7 Emails B2C Businesses Should Send by Campaign Monitor