An open hand in shadow
An open hand in shadow

Five Problems Facing Digital Marketers in 2023

Paul Kiernan

Let’s face it, 2020 was a nightmare. We all had to deal with being shut in, finding the shelves void of yeast, so our “I’ll bake my way through this” plans were scuttled.

Let’s face it, 2020 was a nightmare. We all had to deal with being shut in, finding the shelves void of yeast, so our “I’ll bake my way through this” plans were scuttled. We lost the separation of home ad office, and mass quitting was happening across the board.

Business owners were slaughtered by the pandemic, with brick-and-mortar shops taking the brunt of the hit, having to close temporarily or even permanently due to the lockdown. The lucky ones were able to regroup and get their business up and at least shuffling along online.

All those businesses moving online means serious competition for SEO, content, and social media marketing. The squeeze was felt by the new online businesses as well as existing companies. Everyone felt the crush.

Now with the pandemic behind us, many are looking toward the new year, hopeful that the pains of the past year will be soothed and the new year will be smoother. But what can digital marketers expect to face in 2023?

Let’s look at some top challenges coming your way in 2023.

Hello, have we met?

Knowing your audience and targeting them specifically will be a high priority in 2023. More businesses have migrated online, which means there will be more competition for SEO and paid advertising. Marketers will have to know their target audience in depth so that money isn’t wasted with ads that are too broad or completely off-target.

The best tool for this situation is a buyer’s persona. With the persona, you’re in a better place to visualize and truly understand your typical customer.

You can also connect more deeply with your customers by polling them on social media or in your blogs.

Don’t waste money in 2023; keep your target audience tight and precise,

Content that Connects

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The evolution of content marketing will continue in 2023. Content marketing will grow, expand and remain a crucial tool in the marketing toolbox. Customers, current and potential, love content that’s fresh, educates them, and gives them valuable solutions. In 2023 content that will be increasingly popular includes short-form videos, live-streaming videos, podcasts, Instagram, and Facebook stories. Get your copywriters in gear because stories are the deal in 2023.

And make sure your content is interactive. Audiences love to express opinions, give reviews, shout-outs, and the like. In 2023, audiences know their voice matters and will look for ways to use their voices. Listen or fade away.

Be Accessible

If you’re running a website, then you must fully understand the issue of accessibility. This is a fast-growing, incredibly sensitive issue; if you ignore it, you’re making a rather huge mistake.

An accessible website can be used by people with a visual, aural (hearing) impairment, or any other impairment. You must take steps to make sure your website is accessible.

For example, if you have images on your site, each image must have alt text so the visually impaired users can understand and engage. Also, ensure your site is navigable with just the keyboard; some users will need help using a mouse.

If you’re still unclear, read this article about ADA Website Compliance, and you can quickly get your website up to code for 2023.

Think Mobile-First

Instead of window shopping, people are browsing ad buying on smartphones and tablets more often, which will increase in 2023.

A few years ago, marketers were advised to seek a mobile-friendly approach to websites that has evolved into a mobile-first mindset. This means in 2023, you want to ensure your website is set up for mobile users.

What does mobile-first entail? It means you test all features on multiple devices. You’re aware of making it easy for customers to drop items in their shopping cart, pay and exit seamlessly on a mobile device. You’re also careful to make sure images and videos are not too big, so they don't slow down load time.

If you think you’ve been mobile-ready up to this point, 2023 will demand even more from you. Stay on top of it.

Embrace Omnichannel

A table with 6 laptops, 6 smartphines with headsets, coffee cups m snakc bowls and two people working.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, customers will increasingly be active on multiple platforms. This means you cannot focus all your money and attention on a single strategy like email campaigns or Facebook. You want it to be simple for your followers, users, and perspectives to follow you anywhere at any time.

This is not to advocate a shotgun method, hitting everywhere all the time. As we stated at the top f this article, knowing your audience is crucial in the new year. So, spend your dollars where your audience lives and thrives, Be particular. Be seamless. Help your customers move from one platform to the next without impediment.

One quick way to do this, link to your social pages and website in your emails.

That’s five problems you’ll want to stay on top of in 2023. You still need to maintain brand consistency and up your authority in your market; keep a close eye on the Google algorithm; those rules change constantly.

The basics remain despite new hurdles to leap in the coming year. Be honest and transparent. Make sure your customer service is running smoothly; that should never be in question. Protect your brand. And be decent humans.

If 2023 feels insane to you and your marketing team, call ThoughtLab, they can help you with strategy, campaigns, and more in the new year. It matters, so don't go it alone if you’re even slightly unsure.