Getting Rick Here - Part 5


Rick arrived last week. It was so great to meet him in person. After hours and days working via IM, having him here is a joy.

He seems to be transitioning well, and his English is very good. I can tell he still thinks in Portuguese and translates in his head, which I'm sure will change with time.

Thursday morning we went apartment searching (to only two complexes, since we'd done the prep work already). Rick selected an apartment downtown with a sunset view. And then had only two bags and a snowboard to fill it!

Friday night we went to Big Lots and IKEA and somehow squeezed an amazing collection of things into my Ford Escape (small SUV), including a mattress and couch. We were able to get it all in there, although hanging out the back window. I slept at my parents' place that night, parking my quasi-open car behind their house.

Saturday morning I picked Rick up at the hotel and he signed a lease, etc, etc, and moved in.

This has been a wonderful journey!