A grey scale candy heart with WHY written it in red
A grey scale candy heart with WHY written it in red

Unveiling Your Company's 'Why': A Blueprint for Purposeful Business

Paul Kiernan

This cornerstone is a company's 'why'—a concept made famous by Simon Sinek, which asserts that understanding why a business exists beyond profit margins and market demands is crucial and transformative.

I was sitting with a friend, drinking coffee, and he had his daughter with him. I’m not a fan of kids, but this little girl is okay. She’s kind of funny and well-behaved. We were in the park sitting on a bench, watching her in the play area, making friends, and doing kid things. I had finished my coffee, my first cup of the day, and I needed another cup. Thankfully, the Lord loves me, and He sent a coffee truck to the park to help satiate my caffeine needs.

My friend’s daughter returned to the bench for something just as I stood and said, I’m getting another cup of coffee. I just made the statement to the world, no one in particular, and certainly not to the little girl. Still, the girl looked at me and said:


My friend said, “She’s at that stage.”

That stage being the why stage. I guess kids go through this; they ask why about everything. How sweet, a curious child, you might think, but when you run out of reasonable answers and salvation in the form of 20 ounces of hot java is just a two-second walk away, but you can’t break free of the tiny voice asking why over and over, sweet morphs into annoying, which eventually turns to thoughts like this kid is making me want to murder people.

After I had finally extricated myself from the tiny voice of endless inquiry and gulped down ten of the twenty ounces far too quickly, it struck me: This kid would be great in a branding meeting. The endless asking of why is the perfect way to help a new business or a business rebranding itself find its why.

Now, I could just record her tiny voice asking why endlessly and put that audio here, but instead, we’re going to examine the why, how it matters to your business, and how to nail down your perfect why.

Let’s dive in.


Just … just shut up, kid.

But Why

In modern business, companies often meticulously outline what they do and how they do it—carefully crafting products, refining services, and honing operational strategies. Yet, amidst these practical considerations, there exists a cornerstone that transcends mere functionality—a guiding star that illuminates the path forward with unwavering clarity and purpose.

This cornerstone is a company's 'why'—a concept made famous by Simon Sinek, which asserts that understanding why a business exists beyond profit margins and market demands is crucial and transformative. While the 'what' and 'how' define the offerings and methods, the 'why' encapsulates the soul of the organization, driving its every decision, inspiring its people, and resonating deeply with its customers.

While products may evolve and strategies adapt, a company's 'why' remains the steadfast heartbeat—a beacon of purpose that propels growth and cultivates a resilient culture of meaning and connection. Within this foundational element, the true essence of a company's identity resides—a narrative of purpose that transcends transactions to forge enduring relationships and catalyze profound impact.

A forest with blue question marks spray painted on the trees

What is a 'Why'?

A company's 'why' transcends the mere transactional aspects of a business—it embodies the profound reason for its existence, the core belief that propels every action and decision. At its essence, a 'why' is not merely about profitability or the goods and services offered. Instead, it serves as the guiding star, illuminating the deeper purpose that motivates and unites everyone within and outside the organization.

Unlike goals or missions, which often focus on specific achievements or operational objectives, a company's 'why' is timeless and aspirational. It speaks to a higher purpose beyond immediate gains, resonating deeply emotionally with stakeholders. It's the heartbeat of the organization, driving innovation, shaping culture, and influencing every facet of its operations.

Imagine the 'why' as the soulful narrative that defines a company's journey. It's the reason customers choose a brand beyond its competitors, employees commit their talents and ambitions, and leaders navigate challenges with unwavering resolve. Where goals may change with market trends and missions pivot with strategic shifts, the 'why' remains steadfast—a north star guiding the organization through evolving landscapes while staying true to its foundational beliefs.

In essence, defining a company's 'why' is about uncovering the essence of its existence—a purpose-driven narrative that not only clarifies direction but also inspires lasting connections and meaningful impact. This clarity of purpose distinguishes great companies from good ones, forging a path toward sustainable success and genuine relevance in the hearts and minds of stakeholders.

Importance of Having a 'Why'

A clear and compelling 'why' is not just a philosophical statement but the cornerstone of a company's identity and strategy. It resonates deeply within the organizational culture, driving every decision, inspiring innovation, and fostering a sense of purpose among employees.

1. Fostering Organizational Culture: A well-defined 'why' shapes a company's culture, influencing how employees interact, collaborate, and innovate. It establishes shared values and beliefs that guide behavior and decision-making across all levels of the organization. For example, companies like Google emphasize their 'why' of organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and helpful, fostering a culture of curiosity, innovation, and inclusivity.

2. Motivating Employees: Employees are more engaged and motivated when they understand and resonate with the company's 'why.' It gives them a sense of meaning and fulfillment in their work beyond just earning a paycheck. When employees feel connected to the broader purpose of the company, they are more likely to go above and beyond in their roles, contributing to higher productivity and lower turnover rates.

3. Building Customer Loyalty: A strong 'why' resonates with customers on an emotional level, creating deeper connections and fostering loyalty. Customers are drawn to brands that stand for something meaningful and align with their own values. For instance, companies like Patagonia, with their 'why' centered around environmental activism and sustainability, attract customers who share their commitment to environmental stewardship.

4. Ensuring Long-Term Success: Companies with a clear 'why' are better equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in a rapidly changing market. Their purpose-driven approach helps them stay focused on their core strengths and values, guiding strategic decisions that support long-term growth and sustainability. For example, Tesla's 'why' of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy drives their innovations and strategic initiatives, positioning it as a leader in the electric vehicle industry.

Examples of Success: Numerous examples illustrate how companies with a strong 'why' outperform their competitors. Apple's 'why' of challenging the status quo and thinking differently has fueled its innovation and customer loyalty, making it a global leader in technology. Similarly, Southwest Airlines' 'why' of democratizing air travel and providing exceptional customer service has differentiated it in a highly competitive industry, leading to consistent profitability and customer satisfaction.

A clear and compelling 'why' not only defines a company's essence but also serves as a catalyst for organizational success. It fosters a strong culture, motivates employees, builds customer loyalty, and ensures resilience and growth in the face of challenges. Companies that articulate and embrace their 'why' not only thrive in the present but also shape a sustainable future grounded in purpose and impact.

Bob, the Minion, standing on a shelf

How to Find Your Company's Unique 'Why'

Defining your company's 'why' requires a journey of introspection and discovery—a process that unveils the core beliefs and driving forces behind its existence. By exploring the following avenues, you can uncover a 'why' that not only resonates deeply within your organization but also sets you apart in your industry.

1. Reflect on Core Values: Begin by delving into the foundational values that define your company's culture and ethos. These values are the moral compass that guides decisions and actions, reflecting what your organization stands for at its core. Consider how these values shape interactions with stakeholders, from employees to customers and partners. For example, if integrity, innovation, and community are central to your operations, they could form the bedrock of your 'why,' driving your commitment to excellence and ethical conduct.

2. Understand Impact: Think beyond profitability to the broader impact your company aspires to make in the world or within your industry. What positive change or transformation do you envision through your products, services, or initiatives? Whether it's enhancing quality of life, advancing technology, or promoting sustainability, articulating this larger purpose can unveil a compelling 'why' that motivates and inspires. For instance, a healthcare company's 'why' might revolve around improving patient outcomes and advancing medical knowledge, driving their dedication to cutting-edge research and patient-centered care.

3. Identify Unique Proposition: Explore what makes your company distinct from competitors—your unique proposition that sets you apart in the marketplace. This could be a pioneering approach, a niche market position, or a deep-rooted passion that defines your brand identity. Consider how these distinctive qualities align with your values and contribute to your overarching mission. For example, a technology startup's 'why' could be driven by a commitment to disrupting traditional norms with innovative solutions that simplify complex processes, addressing unmet needs in a transformative way.

4. Ask 'Why' Repeatedly: Employ the "Five Whys" technique to peel back the layers and uncover deeper motivations behind your company's existence. Start with a simple question—Why does our company exist? Then, continue probing with subsequent 'why' questions to reveal underlying motives and aspirations. This iterative process encourages introspection and critical thinking, guiding you toward a profound understanding of your purpose. For example, asking why your company provides a particular service may lead to discovering a deeper commitment to enhancing customer experiences or driving societal change.

By integrating these approaches, you can embark on a journey of discovery that clarifies your company's 'why'—a powerful narrative that not only aligns your team but also resonates with customers and stakeholders, driving sustainable growth and impact.

If none of this works, hire my friend’s kid; she’ll help.

Summing Up

Throughout this exploration, we've delved into the transformative power of defining a company's 'why'—the profound essence that transcends mere profitability and operational strategies. Let's recap the key insights and emphasize the importance of this foundational element in shaping a purposeful and resilient organization.

A clear and compelling 'why' is more than just a mission statement; it's the guiding beacon that aligns every facet of your company, from culture to strategy, with a higher purpose. By articulating and embracing your 'why,' you provide clarity of direction that inspires innovation, fosters unity among employees, and cultivates a culture of passion and commitment.

Embracing a Purpose-Driven Future

As you reflect on the insights shared, consider the journey of discovering or refining your own company's 'why' as a pivotal step towards a purpose-driven future. Engage your team in meaningful discussions, revisit your core values, and explore the impact you aspire to make. Embrace authenticity and align your actions with your purpose to forge deeper connections with customers, stakeholders, and the community at large.

By embarking on this journey, you not only differentiate your brand in a competitive landscape but also contribute meaningfully to a world where purpose and profit intersect harmoniously. Let your 'why' be the driving force behind every decision, inspiring trust, driving innovation, and ultimately shaping a legacy of positive impact.

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