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Graphic Design

Melting the mind of Salt Lake City, but in a good way.

Graphic Design communicates meaning, guides user experiences, creates emotional connections and influences purchasing decisions. Ultimately, design is a part of everything we do, every day.

Our design team is chock-full of resourceful, versatile designers dedicated to merging form and function in websites, mobile apps, software applications, videos and print collateral.


SLC Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Creating comprehensive brand experiences that span digital and print mediums is where all of our talents converge. From websites and mobile to packaging and collateral, graphic design is central to it all.

Web Design

Web Design

From simple websites to complex enterprise web applications, ThoughtLab creates meaningful, responsive experiences that have defined us as a premier graphic design company in SLC for 17 years.

App Design

App Design

We love designing user interfaces and thinking through how to create experiences that engage audiences, facilitate efficient workflows, and drive purchasing behavior.

Our company's graphic design process


During Discovery we conduct research here in Salt Lake City, brainstorming the best ways to elevate your brand's design, creating rough concepts and layouts.


In Design, we turn the conceptual layouts and rough designs from Discovery into polished layouts and graphics, incorporate branding elements, and thematic messages.


Graphic Design in the Development Process is focused on refining design decisions, sending printed materials to production, and incorporating animation into web and mobile apps.


There are multiple points of design delivery throughout the process. The major deliverable comes after extensive testing to ensure that the final product matches the designs.

Graphic Design In Action