Launch project
  • Client: Capsule House
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, Design, Development, Animation, Brand Messaging, Copywriting

Capsule House is the destination for anime-inspired multimedia storytelling. A fantastical world that invites you to shed the every day and step into an immersive refuge of unfettered imagination. You will embark on a beautiful journey where commitment to art and creative expression is meaningfully championed.

Capsule House is one of the most celebrated art and music NFT collections around, steeped in fantastic art and driven by pure creativity.

Inspiring anime art and an invitation to shed the day and join a fantastical world meant they needed a website that reflected their wild creativity of character and art. We gave Capsule House a site that shows what is possible in Web3 while opening users' eyes to the splendor of anime.

Capsule house offers a beautiful escape through art, character, and story building. Dreamlike, fantastical, and unique. A place where creative expression is fed and heightened.

We created beautiful, graceful animation and a website that matched their creative drive and artistic vision. We carried their meticulously crafted art and immersive style of storytelling into a website that is a portal to the fantastical. Their site is now a compendium of adventures and the art & music that drives them.