Launch project
  • Client: Keystone National Group
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, Brand Messaging

Keystone is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm focusing on investments in private credit and real estate. Their team has invested over $2.3 billion of capital in 250+ transactions since its formation in 2006. They manage multiple funds, separate accounts, and co-investment vehicles on behalf of investors, including pension plans, family offices, wealth management firms, and private individuals.

Thirteen years in business & the start of a new fund called for a position change in the market.

The company had grown quite a bit. They had hit over 100 big-money investors, all falling into the 1million to 30 million dollar range. Plus, they wanted to start a new fund with smaller investments falling in the 50K plus range. This new fund would be marketed to a much larger audience.

It was clear to us; they needed a website that matched their super-classy and, dare we say, sexy vibe that emanated from their offices in Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

We built them a custom website that was very much like a brochure for the company, built for marketing and information purposes focusing on team members, portfolio, and content such as news and industry announcements. Plus, a 3D experience using WebGL that gets people to stop and watch their video.