Launch project
  • Client: CoinZoom
  • Type: Branding, Mobile App Design, Website Design, Card Design
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI Design, Identity Design Refresh, Card Design, Website

CoinZoom is much more than a crypto exchange; it’s an all-around cash-to-crypto experience. Founded on trust, safety, and transparency, CoinZoom is the place to buy, sell, or trade over 40 different cryptocurrencies on their regulated, secure exchange that boasts the lowest industry fees.

CoinZoom is turning the crypto exchange industry on its head with the lowest fees and a wealth of experience.

As a trendsetter and a leading force in the crypto exchange business, we knew CoinZoom needed its site to engender trust and captivate users. Sluggish or outdated are words that should never be associated with such an experienced crypto exchange. Agile, easy, and user-friendly is where they live.

CoinZoom is so far beyond any other crypto exchange; their wealth of experience should have been a huge draw, but their site needed help.

We enhanced their UI design making it more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. With our UX design improvements, we could identify problems, find solutions, and give the user a much smoother, more reliable interface experience. Better UX/UI translates to more trust. In crypto, trust is everything.

Concept for CoinZoom website animation

This is the final animation for the website animation concept

Initial concept for CoinZoom website animation

This was the rough draft of the website animation used to convey the rough concept

Snapshot of setting up CoinZoom product guidelines and componentized design.

In product design, establishing components and reusable elements focuses on systems design and creating an efficient, consistent set of designs across the entire product.