Launch project
  • Client: Orbit Irrigation
  • Type: E-commerce Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, 3D, Brand Transformation, Brand Messaging, Copywriting, Photography, Conversion Rate Optimization

Orbit Irrigation is not only the world’s leading retail brand for outdoor watering; they are also a global thought leader in water conservation. The Orbit, Hydro-Rain, and B-hyve brands deliver innovation, ease of use, unmatched value, and intelligent technology to homeowners across six continents and 40 countries. An out-of-date website and slumping sales brought us into action.

Quick Find Navigation

Even the most innovative water-saving products on the market will not sell if the site is impossible to navigate and the products cannot be found with ease, which was a problem plaguing Orbit.

Hundreds of innovative water-saving products that were basically inaccessible and displayed in a confusing array. Complicated navigation and frustrating purchasing options were overshadowing high-quality, ecologically smart products. We tightened the navigation, improved displays, and made check-out much easier and quicker. This afforded Orbit a much better overall UI experience.

Custom Photography

Unique products need special attention, and we saw immediately that Orbits products needed custom photography, including better set-ups and showcasing the products in a much more sexy manner.

Paying attention to lighting, angles, composition all combined to give these environmentally savvy, unique products the showcase they truly deserved. We pulled products out of the usual display page and gave them a photo shoot worthy of Glamour, GQ, or Sports Illustrated. Beautiful images that told a story of conservation, community, and practicality.

Product Storytelling

It was apparent that such unique products demanded more than de rigueur specs of size and dimension. These products had an actual story to tell, and so, our copy became their voice, and we told that story.

This 5 X 9 thing does that may be someone’s idea of copy but not ours. We saw a story of how a water-saving timer in one yard could inspire a neighborhood, which would excite a city, which then energizes a state; in turn, it could affect a country and eventually impact the world. We may not have Pixar on the line right now, but we did tell one hell of a compelling story.

Amazon Merchandizing

It’s not as old as the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, but the world’s most popular online souk is Amazon, and we knew Orbit needed their products better represented there. Easy purchasing on Amazon meant Orbit would get the attention it deserved.

A better presence on Amazon, improved display of products and making them easier to find help raise product awareness and boost sales. There is something magical about seeing the words “available in Amazon” that makes life easier for the customer and better for the seller. We knew that, and so we made it happen.