Launch project
  • Client: CRSA
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, Brand Messaging

CRSA is an architecture, planning, and design firm that designs and builds buildings, interiors, streetscapes, and landscapes. They are interested in preserving the history of the current architecture, and they are deeply connected to the success of their clients. They are innovative, community-focused, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what architecture can do and say.

All Things New

With a move to new offices, they felt their old site wasn’t projecting the image and strength that they wanted in their brand. They were also looking to fill their ranks with new, younger employees. We built them a new site with an eye to the enormously competitive world of architecture.

Custom Numericals

Architecture done well can define and change the landscape of time and place. That kind of inventive, ever-changing factor leads us to create a new custom numerals style. These numerals echo the numbers seen on blueprints and architectural plans and still have a unique style that aligns with CRSA.

Function & Form meld together

CRSA are masters of art and structure, so we naturally built them a website that mirrors their unique skills. Beautiful design supported by highest quality UX and smooth functionality. When looking at their new site, you simply think, Yes, this is CRSA.

Proposed Rebrand

A rebrand was offered however, they decided to forgo what we offered. We’re still happy with it and think, why not show it anyway, right? Now, with work displayed brilliantly on sharply designed pages, mission and purposes illuminated, this site is a showcase of exceptional work and the perfect recruiting tool attracting some of the best of the best on the field.