Launch project
  • Client: My Tech High
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, Brand Messaging, Copywriting

My Tech High helps innovative public school districts provide personalized education options to students who learn best at home. They are dedicated to helping today’s tech-savvy kids become tomorrow’s successful entrepreneurs. Founder, and CEO Matt Bowman, had a very forward-thinking idea for getting students better education and preparing them for the kind of work they would step into after school.

A good education requires a dual passion for learning and teaching. My Tech High’s founder and CEO possesses the kind of passion that makes this project unique.

We made sure the website was instilled with the same passion that Bowman has for his work. We released a design that was passion-driven and compelling enough to keep students locked in and learning. A passionate student will go further; a website based on passionate design will engage and hold longer.

Each student’s mind is unique, how they learn, what they retain, and what they hunger to learn. One size fits all education is not the wave of the future.

A one size fits all education website is certainly not what My Tech High was after. Customized curriculum pages we imperative for students looking to specify their education and personalize their learning process. We gave them the kind of specificity and personalization for which My Tech High is growing famous.