Launch project
  • Client: CityHome Collective
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development

They are realtors and designers, but the sum of the collective can't be reduced to titles. They are individuals stitched together by a love of Salt Lake City and its spaces. They are advocates for loving who you love, what you love, and where you live. They are highly skilled and wildly meticulous, comprised of some pretty great stuff. Should you wander into their office on any given day, you will find a font of creative energy flowing.

Authentic Style

CityHome isn’t just pictures of houses and condos with an information blurb beside them; CityHome is a place where you bring your authentic self, and that self finds its made-for-it home. Those feelings need to be reflected in the new website with clarity, ease, and a particular special something that CityHome brings to its work.

Less Digital More IRL

Well-defined categories, real estate, and design now have equal value and a flow that lets the user feel these elements are like two hemispheres of one well functioning, artistic brain, and that brain now screams, take me to this place, let me enjoy this in real life. We achieved this get me there feeling while keeping that all-important brand continuity vital to CityHome.