Launch project
  • Client: Wren International
  • Type: Website & Branding
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, Identity design, Brand Messaging, Copywriting

Wren offers carefully curated exceptional travel experiences specializing in incentive and educational travel. This is travel like you’ve only imagined, filling the heart, mind, and senses with delightful, life-enriching journeys. Each detail of your destination is carefully thought out and executed in an undeniably nuanced fashion.

A thousand pictures of actual, personal travel experiences are worth so much more than a thousand words.

Images that capture the imagination and tell the story of how high-end travel can immerse you, imbue you, educate you, and make you more connected to the world around you. We made sure the curated images on the site captivated and compelled the potential traveler to stop and put themselves into the story.

Magazines can be a distraction, something to be leafed through on a flight or while awaiting an appointment. We took that style and made the magazine ad the destination rather than the distraction.

Compelling images and dynamic design are combined to make the ad the star of the show. In each frame, a story is told, a story that was detailed enough to hold the viewer in place and open enough for the viewer to place themselves in the heart of the adventure. We created an insatiable want for travel.